Evident SD

Evident SD

DFG code: INST 152/933-1


Location: Campus Forschung (N27), room 02.029, second floor

Laser lines: 405nm/488nm/561nm/640nm

Software: Cell Sense

Live cell Imaging: Add-on environmental chamber with temperature, humidity and CO2 control


Olympus IX-83


4x UPlanXApo

NA: 0.16

WD (mm): 13

Pixel size in image (µm): 1.625; with 3.2x magnification changer: 0.508

10x UPlanXApo

NA: 0.40

WD (mm): 3.1

Pixel size in image (µm): 0.65; with 3.2x magnification changer: 0.203

20x UPlanXApo

NA: 0.8

WD (mm): 0.6

Pixel size in image (µm): 0.325; with 3.2x magnification changer: 0.1016

40x UPlanXApo (optionally available)

Coverglass (mm): 0.11-0.23

NA: 0.95

WD (mm): 0.18

Pixel size in image (µm): 0.1625; with 3.2x magnification changer: 0.051

100x UPlanApo HR

Coverglass (mm): 0.13-0.19 @ 23 °C & 37 °C

NA: 1.5

WD (mm): 0.12

Pixel size in image (µm): 0.065; with 3.2x magnification changer: 0.02

100x UPlanSApo (Silicon oil)

Coverglass (mm): 0.13-0.19 @ 23 °C & 37 °C

NA: 1.35

WD (mm): 0.2

Pixel size in image (µm): 0.065; with 3.2x magnification changer: 0.02


Orca Fusion C14440 (back-illuminated sCMOS, 6.5µm pixel-size, 2304x2304 pixels)

Laser lines (nm)

Solid-state: 405 / 488 / 561 / 640

Spinning Disk unit

Yokogawa CSU W-1

Emission filters spinning disk (for laser-related fluorescence)

  • DAPI, 447/50

  • GFP, 525/50

  • mCherry, 617/73

  • CY5, 685/40

Dichroic in spinning disk unit

405/488/561/640 (used with the respective channels)
445/515/640 (used for 445, 515 and 640 channels)

Fluorescence filters in microscope stand

Filtersystem (em.-color, dye): excitation | beamsplitter | emission

  • DAPI (blue; DAPI):
    BP 325-375 | DM 400 | BP 435-485

  • GFP (green; AF488, GFP):
    BP 450-490 | DM 495 | BP 500-550

  • TxRed (red; AF568, mCherry):
    BP 540-580 | DM 585 | BP 593-668

Fluorescence light source

CoolLED pE-300 ultra

Transmitted light lamp

Olympus LED


Cell Sense

Incubation unit

PECON cell vivo

Piezo focus drive

Mad City Labs Nano-Z

Motorized XY stage



Olympus TruFocus zero drift compensation

Actively damped optical table

Newport Vision IsoStation


No Images


Live imaging, SpinningDisk
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