Sysmex Pannoramic MIDI II

Sysmex Pannoramic MIDI II

Location: Campus Forschung (N27), room 02.029, second floor

Fluorescence: DAPI / FITC/ TRITC / Cy5

Software: Sysmex Pannoramic Scanner v3.0.6

MicroscopeSysmex Pannoramic MIDI II

20x Zeiss Plan-Apochromat

NA: 0.8

WD (mm): 0.55

40x Zeiss Plan-Apochromat Korr

NA: 0.95

WD (mm): 0.25

Coverslip (mm): 0.13-0.21

Camera1x Teledyne FLIR Grasshopper 3 GS3-U3-51S5M (CMOS)
Fluorescence filters in microscope stand

Filtersystem (em.-color, dye): excitation | beamsplitter | emission

  • Blue (DAPI, Hoechst):

  • Green (FITC, AF488, GFP):

  • Red (TRITC, AF568, RFP):

  • Far-red (Cy5, AF633)
UV-VIS illuminationLumencor SOLA light engine, 4 solid state illumination sources for excitation in the range 380-660 nm
LED lampWhite light LED
SoftwareSysmex Pannoramic Scanner v3.0.6


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Slide scanner, Widefield
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