UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (UMIF)

UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)


MINFLUX microscopy made the visualization of SARS-CoV2 virus molecules possible.

(1) Confocal, (2) MINFLUX, (3) MINFLUX superimposed with EM,

(4) schematic overlay with SARS-CoV2 model


GFAP (for astrocytes) / Iba-1 (microglia) / Hoechst (nucleus).

Author: Prof Saez


Optical nerve

Tiled scan


Heart tissue section


Detyrosinated tubulin in neurons.

left = confocal, right = STED

Super-resolution 3D dSTORM image of microtubules

Alpha-tubulin in HeLa cells.

Color-coded z-distribution.


Multicolor labeling of an eukaryotic cell.

red =actin, green = focal adhesions, blue = DAPI


3D reconstruction of CLN3-vesicles and lysosomes in HeLa cells.

green = CLN3-GFP, red = lysosomes


Multi-color HeLa cells

green = F-Actin, red = alpha-Tubulin, gray = TOMM-20

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Latest news and events

EVIDENT Open House, Hamburg, July 9–11, 2024

Dear Users,

Evident, one of the most prominent microscopy company, is opening the doors of the their main quarter in Hamburg.

When?  9-11.07

You will find a comfortable atmosphere and the opportunity to test the newest products as for example the Evident FV4000 the first fully quantitative confocal microscope on the market.

Obviously there is not only this incredible machine to see but much more....  please see the flyer

Open House Evident

We are welcome to book our visiting slot and to diffuse this invitation to everyone might be interested


best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla

OPTISCAN ViewnVivo Demonstration

Dear Users,

Optiscan is introducing us with a practical demonstration about how the smallest ever intravital confocal microscope works.

This microscope can be placed close to any living tissue or organ and take detailed high resolution pictures.

The demonstration will take place on Tuesday 02.07

More information you will find in the flyer.

OPTISCAN ViewnVivo Demonstration

I found this imaging tool extremely interesting for intravital scientists and for clinical application.

UMIF it is still not well connected with clinic researcher therefore I would ask you any of you that has this connection with clinical and diagnosis lab to spread this news. Sample of UKE would be also welcome to tested, so please let me know if there are potential samples  and, depending on their nature they will be either imagined on the demonstration site or Optiscan will come to our labs.

Please if you intend to participate give me your feedback by email and please help me to diffuse this information because I know that many potential users will be not reached by UMIF news letter and  we all share the mission to make UKE  a world wide top research institute.

Looking forward to your participation and feedback

best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla

User 1000 prize celebration

Dear Users,

Thank you so much for joining the celebration for 1000 UMIF users which was held on 01.03.2024.

Despite the strike on the same day, there are over 60 people joined the party. The 1000# user got a small prize from the UMIF team and afterwards we had our international buffet, good music and relaxing time.

I hope you all enjoyed the event and here I shared some images from the night. Thank you for being a part of it and looking forward to seeing you next time!

 UMIF 1000 poster

umif1000 party 1

umif1000 party 2

umif1000 party 6

umif1000 party 4

umif1000 party 3


best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla

Abbelight DNA-PAINT workshop

Dear Users

from April 16 - 18, 2024, there will be a super interesting workshop from one of the world leading microscope manufacturer Abbelight at CSSB with a focus on DNA-PAINT.
DNA-PAINT is a powerful super-resolution light microscopy technique that might be rather easy to use and allowed multiplex imaging. This approach achieves a resolution of a few ten nm (
Please be aware that UMIF has a super resolution microscope of Abbelight!!!!!

If you are interested in this technique, please join an online prep meeting on March 14, 2024 at 16:00. During the prep meeting the technique will be explained and we can discuss experiments that you might want to carry out with your own samples. Abbelight can then provide DNA-PAINT staining reagents that you can use beforehand and then measure your samples at the workshop.

If you want to join the workshop and/or the online prep meeting, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can assemble a list of interested people.
Please diffuse this information to anyone might be interested, this is a unique chance to use.

Best wishes
Antonio Virgilio Failla

LIV-Symposium Viruses, Imaging & Materials

Dear users,

A very Interesting symposium with exceptional guests will take place  at LIV (for more information please have a look at the flyer). Registration can be accomplished following the indication on the flyer. Please diffuse this information to every one who might be interested.



Best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla

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