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M Squared workshop

In the frame of the UMIF workshop series 2021/2022, there will be an exciting webinar about the AURORA Airy Beam Light Sheet Microscope presented by Dr Valentina Lo Schiavo from M Squared Life.

It will take place on 24th November 2021 @ 1 p.m., and you can register via the form >> HERE << to receive the webinar link.

The AURORA Light Sheet microscope enables 3D volumetric of thick specimen. If you are interested, please register and share this information.

Msquared webinar

Sysmex slide scanner workshop

In the frame of our 2021/2022 workshop series, UMIF is hosting the Sysmex Pannoramic MIDI II slide scanner microscope. This is a high content screening system that allows whole slide scanning in brightfiled and fluorescence mode.
If you are interested in this system, you are warmly invited to test it with your own samples:

Hands-on sessions: Possible between 20. October - 19. November (please contact Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Please click on the flyer to download the high-resolution PDF version.


sysmex workshop

3i imaging workshop

This September we are testing an advanced spinning disk system, which configuration can be customized and will be specialized in long term high spatial/temporal resolution live cell imaging. The company that produced this microscope is 3i (see flyer below).
Practical microscopy sections will be held between 06.09-2021 and 10-09.2021, however, please join our webinar that will be take place the 02.09 at 1 PM in order to understand the potential of the presented microscope and eventually consider to prepare a testing sample.

In details, the access to the webinar will be granted by connection to Dr. Failla's webex room: the 02.09 at 1 pm. All of you and every one you think it might be interested are warmly invited.
Please send Dr. Failla a feedback email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you plan to join the webinar.
In case you want to reserve a testing slot between 06.09-2021 and 10-09.2021 please contact Dr. Failla at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and try to insert your name in this calendar:

Once again you are all warmly invited to participate and your contribution is essential: Please help us to help you in making our research environment even more powerful.


3i workshop

Nikon AX R confocal microscope system

This month, UMIF will host Nikon to test their next generation confocal microscope - the Nikon AX R. It features 8K x 8K resolution, 2K x 2K ultra-high speed resonant scanning, and world’s largest 25 mm field of view in combination with a new interface and advanced AI-based tools. 

We look forward to evaluating the microscope's performance with selected groups at UKE/Campus Forschung from September 20.-24.

Basic and Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop March 2021

You can register now for our two regular Light Microscopy Workshops:


03.03.2021: UMIF Basics of Light Microscopy Workshop (Registration deadline: 01.03.2021)

12.03.2021: UMIF Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop (Registration deadline: 10.03.2021)


Check out the event details pages for further information and registration.


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