UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)


Abberior STED

Abberior STED


Location: room 02.046, second floor

Excitation laser lines: 405, 518nm, 640nm (pulsed & cw), 488nm, 561nm (pulsed)

STED laser lines: 595nm, 775nm

STED imaging modes: gated-STED, RESCue, DyMIN, MINFIELD

Software: Abberior Imspector

Live cell imaging: Add-on environmental perfusion chamber with temperature, humidity and CO2 control

STED publications @ UMIF: [DOCX]



Microscope Nikon Ti-E with perfect focus system

60x P-Apo Oil

NA: 1.40

WD (mm): 0.13

Detectors 4xAPD, 1xCCD camera (The Imaging Source DMK 33G274)
Excitation laser lines [nm]

Pulsed & continuous wave: 518 / 640

Pulsed: 405 / 488 / 561


STED laser lines [nm] 595 / 775
Pinhole size Variable
Gated STED Resolution <30x30nm in XY
Detection channels
  • GFP 495/25
  • YFP 545/25
  • Red1 615/20
  • Red2 685/70
Filters for epi-fluorescence

Filtersystem (em.-color, dye): excitation

  • DAPI: 405nm

  • FITC, Star488: 470nm

  • CY3: 590nm

  • CY5, Star635P: 635nm

UV-VIS illumination LED
Halogen lamp 100W
CO2 controller Okolab
Temperature controller Okolab
Software Abberior Imspector
easy 3D

Spatial light modulators for 3D STED @ 595 & 775 nm and resolution <100x100x100nm in XYZ

RESCue STED for bleaching reduction
DyMIN STED Light dose management for super-resolution live imaging
MINFIELD STED Light dose management for higher contrast and resolution
Motorized XY stage M-687 PILine (Physik Instrumente)
Piezo focus drive P-736 PInano (Physik Instrumente, 220μm travel range)
Quad-Scanner 512x512 @ 5 fps; max. 16000x16000 px
FLIM/FCS/FCCS Becker&Hickl SPC150 TCSPC board
Actively damped optical table Thorlabs


Confocal, Superresolution, FLIM, FCS/FCCS, Live imaging, FRET, 2D/3D Multicolor STED, gated detection
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