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Leica Advanced Imaging Workshop - Online presentation
Wednesday 09 February 2022, 09:15am - 03:15pm
Contact Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla (a.failla{at}

In this exciting online event, the experienced Leica team of advanced workflow specialists will present the innovation and application possibilities of both systems. Put your questions to Leica experts and discuss your application needs.

To participate, a registration is necessary:

Important!! Please send a feedback Email to Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla  (a.failla{at} if you intend to participate to the webinars.

Timeline 09. February: 

Leica THUNDER Imaging Systems: Analyzing 3D specimens with widefield microscopy
with Dr Falco Krüger

Going further into the red: Discover what Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging with STELLARIS 8 FALCON can do for your research
with Dr Jens Peter Gabriel

Break for Lunch, 12:30-13:30


Aivia: Artificial Intelligence in Microscopy
with Dr Franco Klingberg

Final discussion & wrap up


To test the THUNDER Imaging System and the STELLARIS 8 FALCON Confocal Microscope with your own samples, you can book a slot between 21.-25. February. Please check the details in the Leica Advanced Imaging Workshop - Hands-On Sessions event page of this workshop.

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