UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)


Leica Advanced Imaging Workshop - Hands On sessions
From Monday 21 February 2022
To Friday 25 February 2022
Contact Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla (a.failla{at}

In the frame of the Leica Advanced Imaging Workshop, organized in cooperation with Leica and the Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) Hamburg, you can come to the UKE Microscopy Facility (UMIF) for a personal demonstration and try the following systems out with your own microscopy samples (click for more details about the systems):



To participate to the hands on sessions, a registration is necessary:

Important!! Please send a feedback Email to Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla (a.failla{at} if you intend to participate to the practical tests.

For more information about the systems, you can also attend the online presentation on 09. February. Please see the Leica Advanced Imaging Workshop - Online presentation event page for more information.

Location Campus Forschung (N27), Seminar room 12
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