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Light microscopy from single molecule to live embryo - Advanced light microscopy part 4
Friday 03 December 2021, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
Contact Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
"Light microscopy from single molecule to live embryo."
(An intensive course about light microscopy and the most popular application.)
The course is divided in four parts: The first part is based on the basic concepts every scientist
should know before starting to use advanced microscopy techniques. It will be explained much about
objective lenses and their parameters, basic imaging techniques, different excitation and detection mode as well as detectors.
The second part will go around all the most popular advanced microscopy techniques with more emphasis on their biomedical and biological applications.
The third and fourth parts are devoted to super resolution microscopy. Super resolution microscopy techniques will be divided in approaches providing at least double of resolution respect to diffraction limited imaging systems and the methods that can achieve resolution down to 1-5 nm i.e. the molecular level.
In details:
  1. Fundamental of light microscopy: Light microscopy as interaction of light with matter: absorption, scattering and fluorescence. The microscope objective: Lens aberrations, numerical aperture, magnification, working distance, field distribution in the focus of a high NA lens.
    Transmitted light microscopy: bright field, phase contrast, DIC microscopy, fluorescence microscopy.
    Wide field microscopy/ point scan microscopy, confocal raster and laser scan microscopy
    Detectors: CCD, PMT APD detectors.
    Detectors parameters: sensitivity gain, exposure time, dynamic range spectral detection.
  2. Advance light microscopy techniques: Multicolor microscopy, spectral um-mixing microscopy, linear spectral unmixing
    Microscopy on the single molecule level FRAP, FRET, FCS, FCCS FLIM, FRET-FLIM.
    Detection of single metal nanoparticle and molecule by higher order laser mode.
    Non linear microscopy: NEAR FIELD microscopy, multiphoton microscopy and second harmonic microscopy. Raman Microscopy, CARS.
    Light sheet microscopy.
    Spinning disk microscopy.
  3. Super Resolution light microscopy: just over the diffraction limit: TIRF microscopy and Spinning disk TIRF Microscopy
    4pi microscopy.
    SMI microscopy.
    Structured illumination microscopy.
    Microscopy with needle beams.
  4. Super Resolution light microscopy down to single molecule level: Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM)
    STED/RESOLFT microscopy

If you are interested please register not late than 04.11.2021 sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fundamental light microscopy one lecture 2 hours Thursday 11.11.2021 3PM-5PM
Advanced light microscopy part1 one lecture 2 hours Thursday 18.11.2021 3PM-5PM
Advanced light microscopy part2 one lecture 2 hours Thursday 25.11.2021 3PM-5PM
Advanced light microscopy part3 one lecture 2 hours Thursday 02.12.2021 3PM-5PM
Advanced light microscopy part4 one lecture 1 hours Friday 03.12.2021 1PM-2PM
Super resolution light microscopy part 1 one lecture 2 hours Thursday 16.12.2021 3PM-5PM
Super resolution light microscopy part 2 a one lecture 2 hours Friday 17.12.2021 12AM-2PM
Super resolution light microscopy part 2 b one lecture 1 hours Monday 20.12.2021 1PM-2PM
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