Leica SP8 checklist data

yes (+) // not used (-) // left on for next user (V)

Full nameDateBeginEndCO2TemperatureFluorescence light sourceCooling fanPCScannerLasersObjectiveStageMicroscope arm closed?GMO list signed?
Maike Frye23.02.20241012--VVVVV++++
Sandra Hemkemeyer23.02.202412.0013.55--VVVVV++++
Daniela Ballesteros23.02.202414.0515.39--VVVVV++++
Hannes Roggenkamp23.02.202415.3020.00--V-VVV++++
Clara Husser23.02.202420.0522.09--+++++++++
Bryan Barcelona24.02.202416.0517.20--+++++++++
Tatyana Danyukova26.02.202410.0010.30--+++++++++
Bryan Barcelona26.02.202412.0013.20--+++++++++
Du Huy Nguyen26.02.202414.3015.00+++++++++++
Silvia Albertini26.02.202415.0017.45--+++++++++
Maike Frye27.02.20248.3011.00--VVVVV++++
Manuel Wolters27.02.202413.0015.30--VVVVV++++
Sandra Hemkemeyer27.02.202416.3018.20--+++++++++
Mingming Zha28.02.20248.0010.00--VVVVV++++
Manuel Wolters28.02.202410.0011.30--VVVVV++++
Claudia Carlantoni28.02.202413.0016.00--VVVVV++++
Haodi Cai28.02.202416.0016.20--+++++++++
Tram Anh Vu Nguyen29.02.20249.0011.00--VVVVV++++
Debora Tibbe 29.02.202411.0012.00--VVVVV++++
Mingming Zha29.02.202412.0015.00--VVVVV++++
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