Olympus FV3000 checklist data

yes (+) // not used (-) // left on for next user (V)

Full nameDateBeginEnd1. Main power supplyIncubation power supply2. Microscope controller3. Stage controller4. Laser switch - left5. Laser switch - right6. Touch panel controller7. PCCO2ObjectiveStageMicroscope arm closed?GMO list signed?
Rabia Bice16.04.202412.0012.55V-VVVVVV-++++
maria andres-alonso16.04.202414001631V-VVV-VV-++++
Rabia Turacak16.04.202416.2220.26+-+++-++-++++
Manu Beerens17.04.202408.0508.50++++++++V++++
Ragnar Rabe17.04.202409.0012.00V-VVV-VV-++++
Mohsin Shafiq17.04.202413001400VVVVVVVVV++++
Beatrix Mahnke17.04.202414.0015.00V-VVV-VV-++++
Jonas Luebbe17.04.202415.0018.00+++++-+++++++
Jyothish Sudhakaran17.04.20241820+-+++-++-++++
Rabia Turacak18.04.20248.009.00V-VVV-VV-++++
Rabia Bice18.04.202412.0012.55V-VVVVVV-++++
Michelle Savickis18.04.202413.0016.00V-VVV-VV-++++
Ragnar Rabe18.04.202416.0019.00+-+++-++-++++
Rabia Turacak19.04.20248.009.00V-VVV-VV-++++
Michelle Savickis19.04.20249.0011.45V-VVV-VV-++++
Josephine Goebel19.04.202412.0013.28V-VVV-VV-++++
Catrin Schweizer19.04.202413.3016.30V-VVV-VV-++++
Jyothish Sudhakaran19.04.202416.3019+-+++-++-++++
Adria Ramos Ruiz20.04.20241113.31+++++++++++++
Gaby Lee21.04.202417.3020.05+-+++-++-++++
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