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UMIF Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop
From Monday 27 November 2023
To Friday 01 December 2023
Contact a.failla{at}

UMIF Light Microscopy Workshop – Advanced - (1 day lectures + practical sections)
- Introduction to advanced imaging techniques and data analysis methods in bio-medical research -

The UKE microscopy imaging facility is offering a workshop about advanced light microscopy methods and imaging data visualization and quantification.
This workshop greatly suits researchers that are familiar with light microscopy experiments but willing to gain more control and understanding of their imaging experiments. The workshop is divided in theoretical and practical sections that will be scheduled according to the number of participants. The theoretical sections will focus on advanced imaging techniques such as FRET, FLIM, spectral unmixing, superresolution- and multiphoton microscopy. Advanced sample preparation and high content data analysis quantification methods will be also topics of the lectures. The experimental sections will practically show some of the techniques presented during the theoretical lessons. High content fast live cell imaging, confocal and superresolution microscopy will be carried out in the lab. Finally, the acquired images will be processed and quantified, e.g. 3D reconstruction, colocalization and cell tracking analysis will be performed.

Content, timetable and lectures for download can be found in the documents and links section.
In case there will be more than 12 participants, additional practical sections will be scheduled after the registration is completed!


Hands-on sessions during the workshop:

Confocal microscopy
Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (dSTORM)
Stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy
Visualization and quantification of confocal datasets


First registration deadline: 17.11.2023 @ 5 p.m.

Location Campus Forschung (N27), ground floor, seminar room 12 (lectures)

UMIF Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop Registration

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