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UMIF Light Microscopy Course
From Tuesday 10 October 2023
To Thursday 16 November 2023
Contact a.failla{at}

The course is a travel bringing you from the basic to the most advanced light microscopy techniques. It will bring from the imaging of single molecule to the visualization of entire macro organisms.

Surely the range of information presented here cannot be match by the basic and advanced light microscopy workshop and if demand arise we will complete the course with a series of lectures related to sample preparation methods and imaging data visualization analysis and quantification.

It will be divided in 10 part and might also be watched online (we still have to make sure about it) using webex: Credit points will be given only to whom request them and participate to the course in person.

Please find >> HERE << the tentative plan  (still can be modified) and be aware that the great majority of the topics will be discussed presenting application in biology and bio medicine, many of them also produced by UKE scientists.

Registration is necessary and can be made below till 09.10.2023

Finally I would be glad if you spread the news and invite any person around you that might be interested or benefit from this course.


Best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla

p.s. here are date and location of the lectures

10.10.        Lecture    13:00-15:00    N27, SR12
12.10.        Lecture    09:00-11:00    N27, SR14
17.10.        Lecture    09:00-11:00    N45, SR2
19.10.        Lecture    09:00-11:00    N45, SR2
24.10.        Lecture    13:00-15:00    N45, SR7
26.10.        Lecture    13:00-15:00    N45, SR6
07.11.        Lecture    09:00-11:00    N45, SR2
09.11.        Lecture    09:00-11:00    N45, SR4
14.11.        Lecture    13:00-15:00    N45, SR3
16.11.        Lecture    13:00-15:00    N45, SR1

Location Campus Forschung (N27), SR12 & Rothe-Geussenhainer-Haus (N45), seminar rooms

UMIF Light Microscopy Course

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26 Sep 2023 - 28 Sep 2023;
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10 Oct 2023 - 16 Nov 2023;
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UMIF Light Microscopy Course
12 Oct 2023 - 12 Oct 2023;
01:00PM - 05:00PM
Lunaphore - The Spatial Biology Tour
20 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023;
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UMIF Basics of Light Microscopy Workshop
27 Nov 2023 - 01 Dec 2023;
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UMIF Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop
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