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MINFLUX microscopy made the visualization of SARS-CoV2 virus molecules possible. (1) Confocal, (2) MINFLUX, (3) MINFLUX superimposed with EM, (4) schematic overlay with SARS-CoV2 model

Confocal microscopy III

Mouse hippocampus

GFAP (for astrocytes) / Iba-1 (microglia) / Hoechst (nucleus). Author: Prof Saez

Confocal microscopy I

Optical nerve

tiled scan

Confocal microscopy II

Heart tissue section

Super-resolution image of detyrosinated tubulin.

Detyrosinated tubulin in neurons.

left = confocal, right = STED

Super-resolution 3D dSTORM image of microtubules

Alpha-tubulin in HeLa cells.

Color-coded z-distribution.

Structured illumination microscopy (SIM)

Multicolor labeling of an eukaryotic cell.

red =actin, green = focal adhesions, blue = DAPI

Combined SD-TIRF imaging of cellular vesicles

3D reconstruction of CLN3-vesicles and lysosomes in HeLa cells.

green = CLN3-GFP, red = lysosomes

Super-resolution radial fluorescence microscopy (SRRF)

Mutli-color HeLa cells

green = F-Actin red = alpha-Tubulin gray = TOMM-20

Akoya BioSciences Symposium

We are all warmly invited to follow a very interesting seminar about: "PhenoCycler-Fusion: Scaling up Spatial Discoveries"

Please find more information in the Event section of this seminar and the flyer below.


Akoya workshop

Nobel Laureate S.W. Hell lecture

Dear all,

I am super excited to inform you that the Nobel Laureate S.W. Hell will start with a lecture the Abberior MINFLUX and STED seminar series.

This event will take place Tuesday 22.11.2022 9:00 am in Campus Forschung N27, seminar room 14.

Prof. Hell will be in live stream connection with us and it will be possible to participate also listening to the lecture online:

How to do it:

please take a minute follow this link and register:

after registration you will recieve a link to follow the lecture

Please find attached all the lecture plan in this >>> PDF <<<

Remember either in person or joining online you are all invited to this event!!!

Please extend this invitation to everyone might be interested

See you at the talks!!!

Unfortunately there are not places anymore for the practical sections

Finally we want to express our special thanks to the EU  that via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has financed the UKE MINFLUX imaging platform.

best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla

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