UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)

Improvision/Aurox SD

Improvision/Aurox SD


Location: room 02.053, second floor

Fluorescence: DAPI / GFP / RFP / Far-Red

Software: Visionary

Live cell imaging: Environmental chamber with temperature, humidity and CO2 control



Microscope Zeiss Axiovert 200M

10x EC Plan-Neofluar

NA: 0.3

WD (mm): 5.2

20x EC Plan-Neofluar

NA: 0.5

WD (mm): 2.0

10x EC Plan-Neofluar Ph1

NA: 0.3

WD (mm): 5.2

20x EC Plan-Neofluar Ph2

NA: 0.5

WD (mm): 2.0

63x Plan-Apochromat Ph3 Oil

NA: 1.4

WD (mm): 0.19

Pixel size in image (µm): 0.103

Camera 1x Photometrics BSI Express
Spinning Disk unit Aurox Clarity
Emission filters spinning disk (for image acquisition)

blue, BP
green, BP
red, BP
far-red, BP

Fluorescence filters in microscope stand

Filtersystem (em.-color, dye): excitation | beamsplitter | emission

  • 49 (blue; DAPI):
    G 365 | FT 395 | BP 445/50

  • 09 (green; AF488, GFP):
    BP 450-490 | FT 510 | LP 515

  • 43 (red; AF568, mCherry):
    BP 545/25 | FT 570 | BP 605/70

UV-lamp CoolLED pE-4000, 16 LEDs for excitation in the range 365-770 nm
Halogen lamp 100W, standard housing
Software Visionary
Incubation unit Solent Scientific
Piezo focus drive Ludl Electronic Products PiezoZ, 200µm travel range
Motorized XY stage

Ludl Electronic Products BioPrecision

Actively damped optical table  


SpinningDisk, Live imaging, FRET, Widefield
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